Christmas is coming!!

*gifted items sent to me to review, opinions and photos are my own.

We have been lucky Ducky’s and received a very needed pick me up, this came in the form of personalized Santa letters and more, a full pack of Christmas joy!!

Red envelope with text saying must arrive by the 25th of December.
Envelope the letters and gift pack arrived in.

We’ve had a rubbish few weeks of bugs and germs and then colds and coughs so this came at the perfect time. I hid them away until the right moment and I think now was it, especially with homes starting to show off their decs and the community lights being turned on and to see the faces of the boys (the believer’s) it was worth it!

Kobe aged 4, dressed at a tiger and grinning with his personalised letter.
Kobe was very pleased!
Fin aged 7 reading his letter from Santa.
Fin read his out to us all.

Both boys were astonished that Santa knew exactly what they wanted this year and even knew the small details of what was left for Santa and the reindeers on Christmas Eve last year, even who their best friend’s are. They were well and truly made up and believe every word, Santa had better do his best now to provide the goods…..eeek!

We were sent a very generous gift bumper pack, so on top of the letters there was added excitement too.

Kobe's letter from Santa.
Kobe’s letter from Santa.
A map so we can track santa Christmas Eve.
Santa’s secret map.
Santa's magic reindeer food made from oats and edible glitter.
The boy’s cannot wait to sprinkle this.
Certificate for being on the good list.
Good child certificate.
A display of the pack of goodies we were sent.
What a bumper pack of goodies!
Kobe sat colouring his Christmas card.
Straight in to colouring his Christmas card.
Fin also sat colouring his Christmas card.
Fin doing a fab job on his too.

As you can see, the boys loved their gifted packs. Here’s a list of everything that was sent and it’s well worth every penny:

  • Personalised letter
  • Magic reindeer food
  • Santa’s secret map
  • Activity sheet with door hanger
  • Wishing stars
  • Christmas card and thank you Santa postcard
  • Santa stop here poster
  • Good child certificate

We can’t wait to finish our activities and put our posters up!!

If this is something you think your child would love in the run up to Christmas, follow the link, I promise your little ones will enjoy receiving the red letter.

A postcard which reads DEAR SANTA, THANK YOU.

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