It’s been a while.

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I wrote a blog post!! Well fear not, I’m back.

What has happened since I last posted? Hmmmmm. Probably more that I think but my memory has been a bit rubbish (lack of sleep) and with all of the downs we’ve had. To some it won’t be much to us it’s been a small nightmare.

October to now.

So Theo was poorly back when I last posted, upper respiratory infection and it took a little while for him to feel better. No antibiotics needed but lots of Calpol and even more cuddles. More importantly since the last post Theo turned one!!

Theo eating a mini ice-cream.

Midway through October our little dinky turned one. I mean one whole year flashed by. We had a little gathering with family, very low key and just lovely to catch up with everyone.

Half term.

We had half term and Halloween. Crikey, I won’t lie but the whole week felt mental with daddy being away and then getting back to demands of trick or treating. I managed some pretty epic face painting with some cool costumes if I do say.

Pumpkins carved by myself and the children.

Kobe decided on being a tiger for Halloween so combined with a onesie and facepainting he looked the part.

Fin dressed as a glow in the dark skeleton.

Daisy went with the classic witch with a conservative amount of facepaint.

Theo was dressed up as a little monster in a grey scaled onesie, wagging his tail as he walked.

St Fagans.

We’ve had a couple of nice days out too.

Anyone looking for an all year round, cheap day out mixed with lot’s of history, you have to try St Fagans National Museum of History. It’s free entry with £5 for parking for the day and we really were there for the duration. There’ll be a separate blog at some point with more details but for now here’s our highlights.

Sign post at the entrance which reads Sain Ffagan
Welcome sign at the entrance
Traditional Welsh building.
One of the many Welsh buildings you can explore.

A storage barn .

Pathways aligned with trees that were in the autumn process of changing colour.
Stunning autumn walks.
Daisy making sure we knew we were going by studying a giant map on the wall at the entrance.
Daisy likes to check the maps and take the lead.
Kobe and Fin sat on a bench with a cone of chips each.
Who doesn’t love a cone of chips?

Gwalia supplies is a traditional Welsh shop set to take you back in time.

Beautiful grey stone building.

There’s so much more and as always we failed to get to the castle having too much fun wandering the many footpaths. I will say that this time of year is my favourite when the Christmas market is set up. Traditional Welsh crafts and fabulous gift ideas. Daisy made a gorgeous ring with a lovely lady on one of the stalls.

Beautiful copper wire ring handmade by Daisy.

Fixing the leak.

Those who know us well will know the battle we’ve had with a water leak on the front lower level of our house. Basically from the upper windowsills down, water has been pouring in every time we’ve had bad weather and the whole front, not just one room (porch, lounge, playroom), plaster and ceilings ruined, mould, damp smell, just not nice to live in. Lots of money spent on repairs over five years, new roof, porch roof, stone work patching and one last effort of major fixing was to repoint our old 150yr old house, it didn’t work…lots of tantrums thrown by me. It’s really got us down at points and quite frankly made it not feel like home anymore sadly, but anyway, hubby decided to get up the eyesore that is scaffolding and made one more effort to check something that’s been on his mind, the windows. Low and behold the damn things had been put in badly and not sealed when they screwed into the walls this then has enabled water to track in continuously, it’s now been two weeks and my house is completely dry!!!! Again, lots of crying over this, happy crying though.

The bug we fear in our house.

On from the house stress and we were then hit with a sickness bug, oh and guess what? Daddy was away at the time I had six children and myself with it. One bathroom, three bucket’s, ten towels on hot wash rotate with anything else that was thrown up on and we somehow coped, poor teen was the worst – eighteen times she vomited. We always get by though, somehow. Oh and Daddy got it in the end (not gonna lie but I was slightly glad) just a week after us.

Blow away the germs.

We had to get out after all the germs floating about the house so we took the wild bunch to Garwnant Visitors Center in Brecon. Waterfalls walks, carved wooden animal trail, park, lovely restaurant and coffee shop, definitely worth a visit. The children especially loved timing each other on the skills mountain bike trails and trying to test my nerves by the waterfall’s.

Daddy and the boys checking the water depth with sticks.
Daddy and the boys scoping out the water.
Wooden ski lodge looking buildings make up the visitors centre.
Visitors centre full of information, toilets, cafe/restaurant.

Mummy and daddy sometimes get to hold hands and walk.

Theo sat on a metal sculpture of a reindeer.

Looking up the length of the tree from an upside down angle.

Kobe on his electric bike.
Kobe loves his electric motorbikes.

Wooden rabbit carving.

Wooden owl carving.

The family played on the park until Kobe fell over.

A selfie of me in my bobble hat and stood posing with a life-size carved wooden bear.

Remembering my No1 man.

Monday was a day of spending time with family. I spent the day with my brother and my niece as it was two years since my dad passed away. Two years just doesn’t feel like any amount of time so it’s quite raw, although, I do feel like I have coped quite well and can hold my head up. I have to admit that I have definitely changed, grief is a strange emotion. Always thinking of you dad.

And on to now.

I’m starting to plan Christmas and crafting, I love handmade decoration. I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing yet but as always Pinterest is my friend. Also gathering Christmas concert costumes…yay, I find this stressful every single year but we pull it off. So onwards to planning and dribbling over Christmas food catalogues being posted, Aldi is by far my favourite.

How is everyone? How’s your Christmas planning going? Share your ideas, I’m lost this year!!

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