Poorly little man

Tonight is going to be a very short entry into the blog diary sorry folks.

Theo was so restless last night, I think it was about an hour’s solid sleep with the odd little ten minute snooze here and there, matchsticks were needed today I tell you.

Made the decision to get a doctor’s appointment this morning, thought I knew what was wrong anyway but I’m no trained GP so I wanted to check.

  • High temperature (38.9)
  • Cracking of the voice
  • Swollen tonsils
  • Red raw throat
  • Snotty nose
  • Playing with ears
  • Barking cough
  • Breathlessness

All of these symptoms on top of the fact the wheezy sounding cough was worse last night = upper respiratory tract infection. I cannot praise our GP enough, so much patience (no pun intended) and a thorough check, fairly confident diagnosis and good advice to reassure me. It’s really not nice hearing a breathless baby and even worse with losing his breath when he coughs.

I made the right decision and was given Amoxicillin but knowing how abused antibiotics are the GP has asked to see if he can get over it for a couple of days by himself and then I have the prescription for over the weekend should I need it and if Theo gets worse.

So as little man has settled the most he has all day I’m going to get some rest and send daddy with a list to stock up some of my at home pharmacy. Oh and cake, chocolate, biscuits and any other junk food I feel I need to get through sleep deprivation, I think we’re in for a long night….wish me luck!!

Ps. any croup/baby man flu is welcome, there may well be something comforting I haven’t tried.

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