Guilty mum.

We great day today up until around 1:30ish but we’ll save that for later as I still feel bad now, hours later.

We’ve been rearranging the house over the last few days, lounge is now our dining room, toy room is lounge, where our dining table was is now a snug with our sofa bed – love this! It all feels like a Feng Shui and made us declutter, clear rooms and minds and all that jazz. Let’s hope it works as I’ve wanted to do it for yonks.

School run done by 9:15 and I had to put my macho arms on before we could venture to IKEA as we had a boot full of cement and sand, there’s no way I’m letting Craig lift things like this so I had to lug 10 bags out and carry them to the back garden, I must admit that I felt it but what a cheap workout!!

Mr Snoozy pants fell asleep for his morning nap so we set off.

Theo strapped into his car seat and flat out asleep.
Looks like he’s pretending to sleep.

So nice to escape without the bigger ones distracting us. We even treated ourselves to breakfast. £2.50 for a full cooked breakfast and a free cup of tea, ummm yes please! It was much easier to concentrate after being fed and watered.

Theo loved it. Freedom!!!

We were mainly looking at dining tables. As we’re a family of 8 we need a good size one, a long lasting one, one that’ll go with our decor and I think we found it.

Table set up at IKEA in one of their show rooms.

This is called Skogsta and is a table that seats 10 but what I love is that it’s roomey enough for more if we have family occasions like the family decending on us at Christmas (we have the biggest house and I’m a better cook). We didn’t buy it today but we did buy a bench which we found in the bargain section – totally meant to be as it had just been taken in there and was an ex display that had gone wobbly, the screws needed tightening.

We then went into Cardiff city centre for me to look for a new handbag, I own one and it broke which is annoying as I’m so fussy. I’m not fashionable, I don’t care for trends and I don’t look for label’s but I never have use for more than one bag and I know what works for me. I did buy a small satchel bag for the moment but I shall just keep an eye out for the right one.

Oh I bought a waterproof coat too, completely fed up of getting soaked on the school run already so I caved and I love it!!

Blue waterproof Parker coat from Regatta, perfect length to come below the bottom.
Waterproof and mine.

Kimberley Walsh is just gorgeous and I’m so amazed that someone has decided to think about making outdoor wet weather gear that looks more modern and contemporary.

Anyway…onto the guilt.

So we got back to the van and I though I’d better check my phone, I had 6 MISSED CALLS!! Craig had 5 MISSED CALLS!! Sammy, school and Em on a friend’s phone. I hadn’t had much signal and Craig just doesn’t ever check his phone and I had used mine about half hour before but still, I panicked.

Rang the numbers back, no answer. Rang the school again – receptionist couldn’t track down why they had called (well done school). Shouted at Craig because he was so chilled out and telling me to calm down. Finally managed to get through to Sam who was going to be home soon anyway, to explain what had happened.

Sam led on my lap letting me investigate his split on his ear.
Sammy’s split ear.

Racing through school with school friends and the boy in front slammed the door back at him hitting his ear and splitting it. School cleaned up the blood but it was sore so needed paracetamol.

He was home only about 5 minutes before we got there and I rang the GP straight away, no help at all. GP won’t touch it, doesn’t sound like it warrants A&E and no minor injuries locally so I decided to stop stressing, see what Sam wanted and it was decided that Steri strips were the best option tonight.

It hasn’t stopped me feeling completely terrible that I didn’t check my phone sooner and it’s not as bad as it looks but it’s made me feel a bit anxious to go too far just incase.

Does anyone else feel like this? I’ll be fine now it’s off my chest.

May just stay home tomorrow though 😉

Nos da x

2 thoughts on “Guilty mum.”

  1. I used to feel this way, until I realised that many parents work away and couldn’t check their phones if in meetings. Schools understand, and as a childminder I am often called instead if parents can’t be contacted. Sounds like it all worked out in the end, but that stomach dropping feeling when you realise the school has phoned stays with you for a little while! Hope he is on the mend.

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