October 2nd

Gosh I feel snoozy and it’s only 8pm, so here I am all cwtched up with Theo asleep and I think I may stay put.

Myself and a sleeping Theo in bed at 8pm on Wednesday evening
Shhhhhh 🤫.

I’m still researching photography courses so I may just spend an hour this evening doing that. Dinner was done, lunch boxes for tomorrow made

  • Cheese sandwich
  • Apple
  • Strawberry flake’s (fave at the moment)
  • Yoghurt tube
  • Chocolate bar
  • Water bottle

Standard lunch box really and Fin won’t eat much in the way of fruit or vegetables so I hunt for thing’s that are sweet like but hidden goodness’. Ideas are welcome for fussy eaters!

I had a bath! Like an actual bath that was hot, with bubbles and just me….no children trying to wash me or put toys in, it was bliss. I even dozed off for about 5 minutes. It won’t happen again for the next month or so so I lapped it up and dragged out to a whole half hour, I even pruned.

Today has been full of Theo teething – Ashton and Parsons you are my saviour and I may buy the new product that someone had recommended, a gel that is localised to the swollen gum, has anyone tried this? Is it better than the powder?

When he has been on form though he really had been funny. Oh but has worked out peeling my wallpaper…not amused at this.

I’m going to IKEA tomorrow, woohoo! Mainly so I can eat meatballs but also to nose around and buy candles, it’s essential and the law, you cannot go to IKEA without buying candles!!

What’s your essential buy in IKEA?

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