October is here!!!

1st blog in a couple of weeks, have you missed us? We’ve been doing lots of boring things and all been a bit under the weather so we’ve not had much to say, but we had to blog tonight because it’s the first of the month(pinch punch) and October at that.

I love this time of year as do the kiddies.

We’ve been going through the October archives and we’ve pulled out some cracking photo’s.

Halloween is just great for me, even with having a million kids (6 actually) I still obsess over face paints and costumes, generally thinking about it for the next 4 weeks….sad I know.

Here’s the children’s favourite photo’s from October’s gone by.

Daisy dressed in a beautiful red vampire gown, very gothic with black lace and an underskirt for fullness.
Daisy the vampire.
Finley chose a black and red dragon costume with a full dragon head for a hood, I painted his face around the eyes with red paint, scales and fangs.
Fin the Welsh dragon.
Purple face paint with witches marks.
Teen the beautiful witch.
Pumpkin carved with a Minecraft pattern for eyes.
Minecraft pumpkin.
Pumpkin carved with a silhouette of a howling wolf.
The howling wolf.
Typical jack looking cross eyed.
Cross eyed Jack.
A frozen cobweb in black and white made a spooky walk more spooky.
A creepy walk, frozen cobwebs were everywhere.
Two pumpkins were laid out on a family competition night. One with standard jack face and horns, the other had bats carved with a head stone drawn on.
We love pumpkins!
Daisy with a black and white skeleton face paint, wearing a grey faux silk gown, white lace and grey flower headband, very corpse bride.
Our favourite Halloween picture.

Most of our outfits we get from TKMaxx. They’re just always stand out, fab quality and costumes we have never seen anywhere else. Highly recommend having a nose if you’re near a store.

Aside from Halloween this year we also have a certain little monster turning 1!!

I know everyone says it but how is he 1 in a couple of weeks!!

Theo sat posing and stating straight at me with an expression as if to say 'really mum?'

We won’t do anything more than a little get together with family. The only time I’ve made a big effort for a 1st birthday I battled my way through baking, cupcake decorating, house rearranging and felt deathly. It was the worst day for me with feeling so ill and it wasn’t until a whole day of sleeping and struggling to breathe that I gave in and saw a GP – it was Quinsy.
Stressed myself out and won’t do it again. Each to their own but I feel they know nothing and remember nothing, we’ll save the big affairs for when he does give a crap.

What did you do for your little one’s 1st birthday’s? Do you go all out or keep it small and intimate?

14 thoughts on “October is here!!!”

  1. My son’s first birthday was postponed due to me having wisdom teeth out and assuming I’d feel pretty rubbish! So a week later we celebrated, I had an infection following the extraction, it was snowing and due to get much worse so we had a very rushed party at home with family who just wanted to get back before the snow set in!!!

    I smile about it now ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating and enjoy October x

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