Cantref Adventure Farm

Family day out.

The sign at the front entrance was colourful and showed all that was on offer at Cantref.

The entrance sign was informative even if I did get a headache from the girl’s who spotted the riding center part, we now have lot’s of leaflets at home for next time.

The staff were so friendly from the moment we arrived, a welcoming smile and a young lady that told us about the map of the place and all the various things that were on throughout the day, this led us straight into feeding goats immediately.

Daisy feeding a goat with a bottle and holding tight as the goats are quite strong

Theo and daddy feeding a goat and Theo definitely not sure what to make of it.

We tried our best to keep up with timings of live shows but as most of them were twice a day we ended up slowing down and going at our pace so daddy could sit as needed.

After feeding the sheep and goats in the barn we meandered into the sunshine to explore the outdoor adventure activities. The jungle swamp boat ride was so much fun, I stood back with Fin who’s always tentative and had Theo who was keen to go explore.

Apart from myself, Theo and Fin the rest of the family were armed with oars to paddle around the jungle course.

Ahoy there!

What I do wish I caught on camera was teen falling over backwards off the seat, I couldn’t take a photo for laughing.

Next up…

Maize maze.

If you’ve not done a maize maze before I’d say there should be rules.

  • Stay together
  • Don’t hide and expect to be found quickly
  • Keep phones on loud incase of splitting up
  • Do not split up while searching for already lost people/kids

Follow those rules and you should be ok haha.

The tops of the maize maze standing about 6ft tall at least.

Kobe was supposed to be just looking into the start of the maze before running off to find the others.

Kobe deciding which way to run

Yes we did lose each other but it was so much fun!! I think we found it more fun that we were lost as the giggling was uncontrollable.

Places to eat.

There are so many places to settle for a picnic, you really are spoilt for choice! Plenty of indoor space in the barn and outdoor space…..take your pic.

  • Picnic benches
  • Grass areas (lots of soft grass)
  • Teepees

Something we noticed even on arrival at the carpark was the views, they’re just lush, who wouldn’t want a picnic with that backdrop?

Daisy and daddy chose a picnic bench in the sun to rest his back and stare at the view

There is an on-site restaurant too serving hot and cold food and also cold and hot drinks. We were glad of the picnic we had made however, as there are dates in the winter months that it’s open, we would welcome a hot meal and sit down in the warm then so it’s nice to know it’s available.

Brightly painted wooden teepee with table and chairs for a little ones picnic.

A small table and chairs were set up in each.

After lunch while mum and dad relaxed with a coffee we let the littles run riot around the many play zones. We actually said at one point that we’ve never had a more relaxed day out as a family (new feeling to us).

Kobe riding a plastic tractor around the indoor tractor zone.

Sam shooting balls from the air canon

Theo with a big cheesy grin on his face while he hides in a wooden Wendy house with his sister.

Myself on the zipline and smiling away.

Mum’s have to have a go too don’t they?

Daisy standing next to a den she spent ages building out of branches.

Teen and Theo on the zipline holding on very tightly.

To bring out the adrenaline junkie in us all we think our favourite thing was the Super Sledge ride.

A view from near the top of the sledge run.

Kobe sat in a blue sledge and whooshing past on his run down.

Kobe was the first one on.

From here we went for Daisy and Kobe to have a pony ride. This is the only thing you have to pay extra for and is £2.50 per child but to see their little faces was worth it.

They each got a rosette too, Kobe wants to take it in to show and tell.

Getting to around 3:30pm we realised we still hadn’t seen most of the animals nor been on the tractor and trailer ride (we nearly missed this) and it was the last run of the day so this was next.

A green John Deere tractor with a huge trailer ready to take visitor's on a little farm Safari

Daddy risked going on this as Theo was asleep and wouldn’t be able to pick him up if I went and he woke up crying, I had teen with me trying to convince me of how great a donkey would be as a pet.

Two donkeys posing for a close up nose shot

Me kissing a donkey on the top of his nose.

I do love a placid donkey though.

Crazy family sitting on the grass with the donkeys in the background and posing for me to take a photo.

My family

One thing we did miss was pig racing as Daisy had hurt her ankle earlier in the day. Getting off the sledge ride she was pulling her sledge back up the hill and the wind caught it and whipped it into her ankle bone, A&E today shows bruising and swelling but no break on x-ray thankfully, due to swelling she has numb toes and pins and needles in her heel.

What she did miss though was a bit epic…..

Foam party!!!

The children having a the best time in the foam party with Frozen songs playing in the background.

Fin covered head to toe with foam

Sam and Theo with foam all over them

We thought this was the end to our day until we realised that we had an hour until Cantref Adventure Farm closed and we hadn’t been in the indoor play zone. It’s a huge soft play and was quiet with people taking soggy children home from the foam party so naturally we played family tag while Daisy and daddy sat as comfortable as they could with an ice-cream.

Sam hidden in the ball pit with just his face showing

Sam thinking I wouldn’t see him

Our round up of the day!

  • We loved everything.

Our tips.

  • Do check the what’s on today section, it helps plan your day a little.
  • Check opening times. As the summer season ends there’s changes to the opening days and times.
  • Book online if you can, saves you a couple of pound and can be done up until 10:30 on your arrival day.
  • Take a picnic to eat outdoors or indoors or use the restaurant on-site.

There is also accommodation on-site.

Campsite pricelist.

We were nosy and had a look at the site and it looks amazing with stunning views to wake up to.

There is also self catering accommodation too in the form of a bunk house, the perfect place to rest if you decide to pony trek for the day or stay and combine a trip to Brecon following a days play at the farm.

We highly recommend this as a place to visit be it overnight or for the day. We were very lucky that this was a christmas gift from our best friend’s Rob and Mira, thank you both for a very good pressy.

A sign that you meet walking back to the carpark at the end of the day saying we hope you had a great time.

We really did!

We may even try to go for this event as we saw a display of last year’s photo’s and it looked fantastic!

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