A day of boring adult things.

Tonight’s diary entry is a little boring I’m afraid as we haven’t really done anything worth talking about.

Our special guests (if you’ve read yesterday’s entry you’ll see what they are) were spoilt again this morning, lots of looking after and some treats of dandelion salad. The children even put gloves on to clean out the poop which is something I just didn’t expect them to do, but they did and I’m really proud of them for braving it all and being mature about it.

I’ve been feeling rough again today so had zero energy and a sore throat, definitely tonsillitis and mild but enough wipe me. Luckily my loving husband is on his feet enough to make me breakfast

2 slices of toast with avocado and scrambled eggs, a slithering of brown sauce on top.
Avocado and scrambles egg on toast with brown sauce.

I managed some chores at a sloth like pace and then ate a roast lamb dinner I saved from last night (all about the comfort food) and snoozed with the babba while daddy went for a swim. He’s doing so well and is very sore this evening but I’m proud that he’s motivated enough to go knowing he will feel like that.

Took my angel on the school run and within minutes of being in the car this happens

Theo asleep in his car seat on the school run.

I hate waking him up even with waking up with a smile most of the time but I always feel guilty. Needs must though and he loved toddling around the school yard getting lots of attention.

Daisy cooked dinner – sausages and pasta and I put piles of washing away.

Pretty standard day I guess but it felt long.

Oh I did catch the opening game of the rugby world cup and loved seeing Japan win. What I loved more is reading how amazing the Japanese fans are. They stayed behind to clean litter up from the stands – the rest of the world could take a leaf out of their book, incredible!!

Japanese fans cleaning the stadium after the match against Russia
Image from Wales Online

What’s everyone got planned this weekend? We are going to the beach tomorrow.

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