Thirsty Thursday

Day 1 of Guinea sitting.

Guinea pig homes set up and clean

They are loving life, or should be anyway.

Daisy and Fin were up and at em at god knows what time and woke us with a very excited list of achievement’s for the morning.

  • We picked up the poop
  • Washed their bottle and have them fresh water
  • Did a top up of fresh water
  • Chopped some carrots up and broke up some parsley to make a Guinea salad.
  • Swept our mess up

“So are you ready for school?”, Daisy looking very sheepish answered my already answered question with “Well it’s not my fault”.

Let’s just hope the enthusiasm lasts the duration or her pet sitting business that she is quite serious about at aged 10 won’t happen.

I have nearly finished painting all of my fencing in my garden, it’s only taken, oh I dunno, the whole summer!! But it’s so close and I will finish tomorrow. Can’t wait to scratch that off my list.

Lost my baby in garden today. Putting washing out (still excited that I have a line) and turned to see he had vanished. He can’t get out and there’s no way someone can get in with us there so I really don’t know why I panicked so much but I did. I checked the bushes, around the back of the conifers and under a bridge the kids have made but nope, not there.

Theo hiding in the garden play house

See if you can see him in the only place I didn’t look.

Theo playing peepo through a window in the playhouse

Little beast, was silent in there playing with a car that Kobe had left in there. I think he’s getting sly when he’s doing something he thinks he’s not supposed to he goes stealth.

Washing pegged on my line that I've been without for 18 months maybe. Blue sky and sunshine.
Exciting to have my line back after over a year

School pick up

Kobe came out full of the joys of spring which I wasn’t expecting as daddy did a very slow and steady school run this morning, so I assumed Kobe would be gutted seeing me but nope, he was good because he had two stickers.

Kobe with two stickers on his jumper.

Dinner time.

Feeding time at the zoo was a bit good. I’ve felt rubbish the last couple of day’s, things catching up with me, teething Theo, sleepless nights, 6 kids, 4 months of feeling like a lone parent manning the fort, going to catch up with me at some point eh. But who doesn’t love a midweek roast….MY LOT!

Roast lamb, lots of vegetables, homemade Yorkshire puddings and lots of dark, rich gravy
Roast lamb, veggies, home made Yorkshire puds and lashing of lamb gravy.

I enjoyed it anyway.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to finish the fence and go for a walk with The locally but mostly rest. Who’s got weekend plans?

Teen playing with a torch and a photo app leaving the shape of a heart with the light beams.

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