Wax on wax off.

I felt like Daniel LaRusso today painting my garden gate, Craig joined in for a little while too but I suspect it’s only to say he did it. I am pleased with it though, big difference made and self satisfaction from doing it ourselves and not paying someone.

Painting a garden gate with a small paintbrush
Wax on wax off

One more coat tomorrow and it’s done… finally.

Theo was great while I was painting, I managed to keep him occupied next to me and for a while too.

After school myself and the girls went to one of my best friend’s house, had a chinwag which was great but the main reason was to pick up our guests for next week and a bit.

We love them, who knew they had such big personalities for a little animal. Can’t wait to let them settle and then cwtch them. The girls wrote everything down to make sure we know what we’re doing , quite cute that they thought of this. So hopefully we’ll have happy Guinea pigs once they’re settle in, although they do seem pretty good already.

I’m feeling a bit groggy this evening though so I’m going to try to have an early one (yes this is early for me).

Nos da x

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