Shopping day.

It’s taken me longer that usual to get to grips with back to school stuff, I feel like I’ve been bombarded with information overload and my little brain is struggling to retain it all. Joys of having 6 babies I guess.

This is my timetable so far:


  • Monday – Youth club 5-8pm
  • Tuesday – Rugby straight from school
  • Wednesday – Youth club 5-8pm
  • Thursday – free at the minute
  • Friday – Football straight from school

And everything else I have to nudge him on plus all of the data protection forms I’ve had to fill in just for him.


  • Monday – Un Llais (eco club)
  • Tuesday – PE kit
  • Wednesday – Dance
  • Thursday – Homework and reading
  • Friday – free for now

Filled out her data protection forms (there were 4 or 5 altogether) and I need to apply for her place at secondary school for next year. She will be going on a weekend away in May next year with school as is tradition for the year 6 pupils, that has have the first payment in soon, no doubt more forms.


  • Monday – PE kit
  • Tuesday – Homework and reading
  • Wednesday – Dance
  • Thursday – free for now
  • Fridsy – free for now

Again, lots of data protection forms.


  • Monday – Reading folder.
  • Tuesday – free
  • Wednesday – free
  • Thursday – free
  • Friday – have to remember to dress him in joggers and trainers for P.E

Yep, you guessed it, data protection forms galore but at least I don’t have to worry after hanging them back this week as that’s it for the year.

With all the sheets regarding class topics, the syllabus for the term, timetables of important dates and probably other things that I can’t remember, I actually think my head will go bang. Considering I’ve done this for a few years I just can’t get in the swing of it yet. Anyone else or just me?

Positive today though, I have started enquiring about photography courses, will hopefully figure out the worth of one soon enough. I just want a hobby and enjoy this but want to learn more than just point and click. Has anyone done any home learn photography courses? Would like a point in the right direction.


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