Chores galore.

With a family of 8 and having a very busy weekend, the beginning of the week can only mean one thing
….catch up on everything we ignored, sooooo exciting.

We’ve also had a good long chat about our daily blogs and some days we just do nothing but housework, you don’t really want to read about housework do you? We don’t want to take photo’s of our smalls on the line either. By the way, the washing line was the highlight of September so far (obviously after the children going back to school) but I’ve now got it back after not having it for a year. How have I lived without it? Tumble dryer and airer. Back to the point, so we’ve decided to ask you lovely people what sort of content do you think we should post?

  • More about us individually.
  • Our methods of coping as a big family.
  • Recipe’s and meals we find work for us.
  • Product testing – cleaning, kitchen aids, anything that helps us daily.

You get it, just basically what do you enjoy reading or would enjoy reading from us.

Anyway……we have had a plough through house chores (yawn) and I had a nap with the baby for 20 minutes. Oh and he had me amused for a couple of minutes with a pair of socks. If you want to smile and feel happy watch the video below.

School runs and finishing homework is the end to our very exciting (or not) Monday.

Tomorrow is even more exciting. I’m off food shopping!! Daddy is going to try swimming to start strengthening his back. We are healing people!!!

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