Hanging on to summer.

GET UP! GET UP! GET UP!! 8:30 on a Saturday morning and I was on a mission!!

I decided that today, with the weather forecast looking just beautiful, we were going to the beach….so the beach we went.

A few of the family members standing on stone bank and breathing in the sea air.

We went to Southerndown beach (also known as Dunraven Bay) and had a much needed day of sea, sand salty air.

Arriving at the beach at 10am we were greeted by the carpark attendant to pay our £5 for parking, also greeted by the smell of bacon and sausages being cooked by a group of surfers, nearly went to ask if they fancied another guest.

We chose Southerndown because if you get there early enough you can park right on the beach front meaning daddy didn’t have to worry about walking too far onto the beach. He’s so much better but still a good way to go.

Within minutes of arriving Daisy found a washed up jellyfish.

Jellyfish that had been washed up on the beach.

Then off the tribe scattered to go be kid and explore, get wet, go wild and have fun.

Coastal cliff, bright blue sky and the sea

Theo 11 months, clawing at the wet sand and giggling to himself
Theo loves the beach, it’s confirmed.
Theo holding a rugby ball tightly so noone else can play
Welsh rugby player in the making?
Theo ditched the rugby ball and toddles off to discover something new
Clearly found something better.

I think he found birds flying off the cliff but whatever it was it was great. He really did have a great morning as did the others. What he didn’t like was having to take the soaking wet clothes off or the rockpool drenched nappy.

The scenery of Dunraven Bay. Beach, rugged cliffs and calm sea with the sun beaming down.
Beautiful cove.

More rugged cliffs with the sun up high.

Kobe is a wild child and this his favourite environment. It’s funny to see him like a puppy let off a lead, first thing he did was strip off to his shorts and jump in a rock pool.

Kobe already stripped off down to just his shorts and jumping off rocks into small rockpool's.

Daisy also joined in on the rockpool fun and gave up trying to stay dry.

Daisy aged 10 jumping off large rocks into rockpool's

She was having a great time until she found a crab (only a small one), picked it up to show me and the little thing pinched her so she threw it at me. Sometimes I just can’t be sympathetic through laughing, this was one of those times. Poor Daisy! Poor ‘Meany’ the crab (guess who named it?).

Daisy's little friend Meany the crab
Meany the crab.
Our blog name carved into the sand with some driftwood
Teen getting creative.

Theo climbing a rock and smiling to himself

Theo was trying to get over this rock for a good few minutes. It really was only about a foot high.

View from the car shoeing the drystone wall at the entrance with the beach and sea backdrop

Myself, Kobe and Daisy on our way back to the car.
Beach selfie.

Big sign on the lifeguard hut with who to call in an emergency

It’s that time of year where the lifeguards have clocked off for the season so please everyone, make sure you know what to do and who to ask for should you or anyone else get in a spot of bother.

After getting back from the beach daddy needed rest, the Fin and Sam need to change pronto as they were off to a birthday party and we had sandy everything to sort. Teen cooked a spag bol for dinner and once the boys returned I ended the day like this…..

Bottle of beer with the sunset just peeping behind it.
Cheers all!

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