Happy Friday the thirteenth and first pair of shoes day!

I’m not superstitious but something wasn’t right this morning….I was up before my alarm! What is that all about?

Fun fact for the evening:

Friday the 13th is regarded as being bad luck, we all know this, but did you know that the superstition may have arisen from Christian beliefs of the story of Jesus’ last supper. There were 13 people present for the last supper but Jesus then died on Good Friday making the day unlucky.

There is a name for the fear of Friday the 13th too – Paraskevidekatriaphobia I can’t even pronounce it but the children were pretty good.

Anyway…onto what we got up to today.

We had such a good day, the sunshine most definitely helps doesn’t it. We went and bought more fence paint to continue on with my efforts before the autumn halts me. We then had a special moment.

A certificate with Theo's name, shoe size and date he got his first pair of shoes.
Theo got his first pair of shoes.

I just love this! Something to treasure and an indication of the fact that he really does have big feet.

Without a doubt Clarks are always my go to when buying the baby’s their first pair of shoes. The quality is fantastic, price is fair too but it’s the little things that make the memory just that extra special.

Theo sat patiently waiting for the shop assistant to fit his shoes.
Patiently having his shoes fitted.
Theo choosing shoes from the selection on the shelves.
He chose his own.
Theo looking slightly scared of experiencing shoes for the first time.
Really not sure.
Theo sat on daddy's lap and smiling about the attention he was getting
And then they were good.

He was a little like a dog trying doggy boots for the first time, prancing about picking his feet up way too high but by the afternoon school run we nailed it.

Theo and one of his brother's (Kobe) and one of his sister's (Daisy) strutting along and holding hands with a big grin on his little face.

Theo's blue shoes in their little brown box.
Theo’s first pair of shoes.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend an it’s sunny wherever you may be.

Nos da x

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