Snooze snooze snooze the alarm.

5 snoozes this morning…5!! How I got up this morning I don’t know, probably the fact that I had to because us parents just do.

Theo was up during the night a grand total of 8 times and one of the periods of being awake was from 4:35 – 5:30, I fell back to sleep at some point before being woken up again at 6:30 by Fin and Kobe asking if they could watch telly (of course they could if they left me alone) and then the next minute my alarm is harassing me. I genuinely feel harassed by my alarm, like an annoying person poking me constantly. I’m not normally crap in the morning’s either so I annoyed myself which was a great start to the day.

Apart from drinking copious amounts of tea today and eating left overs from last night’s dinner (cottage pie, loads of veggies and twix cheesecake) I have done very little. I must pat myself on the back for achieving two school runs, two loads of washing and lying on the floor playing cars and watching the baby master walking, he’s a pro now.

Something that did make me chuckle and leave this here for all of you parents out there because I know you’ll be able to relate.

4 thoughts on “Snooze snooze snooze the alarm.”

  1. We all have those mornings! I always find that if I’m woken even just once in the night I may as well have not slept at all because I’m just wrecked once the alarm goes off! I hope you’ve had more peaceful nights since.


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