Cheesecake Wednesday

One day I’ll wake up with no crying, no demanding, no cupboards banging or stomping up and down the stairs….I know, I know it won’t be for at least 12 years but one can dream (or not as I keep being woken up).

Today was Fin and Kobe fighting that roused me gently out of my beauty sleep, or should I say, snapped me out of my already disturbed snoozing through my alarm. After calming the situation I asked whether teeth had been brushed, from the bedroom I get Kobe saying ‘Oh my god Fin, why are you such a loonatic?’. When the boy comes out with something it generally is when you’re trying to be serious.

After school runs in the rain I made a decision of not stressing too much today and focussing on cooking during the day so it can be done to enjoy a bit of the evening (somehow this still didn’t work out but never mind). I did achieve though…it was just beautiful!!

Crushed digestive biscuits mixed with melted butter in a glass bowl.

Caramel, soft cream cheese and icing sugar ready to be mixed together.

Double cream had been added and all the ingredients mixed together to make a thick and firm topping for our cheesecake.

The biscuit base removed from the fridge with the cheesecake topping ready having mixed in small pieces of twix into the bowl.

I put my time into making a cheesecake today. Honestly if anyone wants to experiment with cheesecake flavours try Jane’s Patisserie for recipes, so far I’ve made two of her cheesecakes and both have been brilliant. The first one was a Caramac Cheesecake which we blogged about previously and now this one today which is a Twix one. I’m more proud that I do it all by hand (I don’t own electric mixers) but crikey my arm hurts this evening.

I also cooked a cottage pie for dinner with lots of veggies, easy to just finish off in the oven once the afternoon school run was done and less evening hassle washing up after lunch boxes were made.

It was a pleasant day all in all with daddy pottering about and Theo stumbling around the house, he has cracked walking already, little nightmare that he is, but a very cute nightmare.

Who’s your go to for recipes? Chef’s? Parents? Grandparents? Tell me.

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