Sunny Sunday.

Today has been a good day.

Finally starting to see signs of daddy’s back getting better. He’s actually done a tip run by himself (meaning I didn’t drive him) but with help from Sammy and Fin, I wouldn’t let him lift anything and the boys were more than capable since it was only a few things. He got from his little outing fairly happy with himself and I get it, anyone would be if the only time you physically could cope with leaving the house was if your wife drove you to an appointment, this caused pain and put you back in bed….it’s been shitty for him and thank god we’ve had each other because we’ve hardly seen anyone but a few amazing friends popping in and a few family member’s. Guess we’re lucky to have each others backs (no pun intended he he).

Daisy and teen went for an outing today to see some art which was being showcased, nanny came to get them, drove them, aunty Pia’s work was being displayed so they thoroughly enjoyed seeing this. Nanny also treated them to food on the way home and while they were out I found another piece of Daisy’s art she created this morning.

A drawing done in blue biro of a curvy lady looking a bit subdued.
Daisy now wants this on a t-shirt.

Nanny bought us a cake which was given to her by a lovely gent that she’s been doing a very sentimental project for, it was amazing to have with a cup of tea when the girls arrived home.

Rhubarb sponge with the rhubarb arranged in an almost mosaic pattern on top and golden sugar baked on top.
Rhubarb sponge.

The daily evening chores done and myself and teen settled to watch a series we’ve been binge watching Cobra Kai it’s so cheesy, nostalgic if like me you loved karate kid….it’s just so good watching Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence take each other on again, really takes me back.

Hows your weekend been? Hope it’s been great for you all x

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