Shopping with the teen.

We went shopping into Cardiff city centre today. When I say we I mean myself, teen and Theo. Do you ever feel like you don’t spend enough one on one time with your babies? This is exactly how I’ve felt for a while now.

Since daddy has had his bad back it’s been a bit tough to spend time with the children and by spending time I mean quality time, like make a memory, sit and have a conversation or even just include them in what I’m doing more often. So today was teens turn.

We started our shop at about 11 heading straight to where teen wanted to go – Primark. I’m not a fan as it’s usually too busy and the lifts take forever but it was actually quite quiet today and so it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. We chatted away while she told me my taste in clothes was gross and vice versa, tried on clothes, laughed….a lot, made each other sneeze spraying perfume – then we had lunch.

We chose The Smoke Haus because i’ve been before and she hasn’t and wanted to try it. If you’ve got a big appetite, this place is for you, if you haven’t then you can ask them to wrap it up and take away your left overs. Theo loved his experience!!

After going up and down in lifts trying to find the car we got home around 3:30pm. It was nice to walk into a clean house, Craig had tried his best and the kids helped loads.

Theo’s set for autumn.

After dinner Daisy wanted to show me creations from today, she’s had the best time putting her imagination into use.

She calls them ocean bulbs.

Baking day Sunday, looking forward to lots of home cooked goodies.

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