End of the first week of school.

We’ve had opposite ends of the scale this morning with waking up, one completely struggling to get up and one up before 5:30, give…me…strength.

This may bore whoever reads this but my excitement today has been filling in paperwork….yawn!! I know, I can’t believe how me and the hubby spend our precious time.

School o’clock.

Very proud school run today. Kobe came bursting out of his class with another cake, a painting for me and…

Kobe looking very proud holding his reading folder and his cupcake.
Kobe looking very proud.

…his first reading book!! 4 years old and ready to venture into the world of reading, I cannot wait to watch him grow with this and if his siblings are anything to go by he’ll be amazing.

They have all been enthusiastic about getting homework, homework being decorate and personalise their homework books, let’s see how they feel next week.

Daisy's homework book which has been covered with a wood look paper and letter stickers.
Daisy’s finished book.

To end our boring day of paperwork I went for a little sunset photography for half an hour’s peace.

Beautiful sunset with the windmills on the hills.

Silhouette of grass blowing in the wind with the sun setting behind.

Trying to be creative with sunglasses on a post and the sunset in the lenses.

I’m thinking of taking a photography course. Definitely need to look into it and not because I think I’m good but to learn something new.

What’s everyone got planned for the weekend? Enjoy what ever you do x

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