The week is flying by.

I had to wake the comprehensive goers this morning, it was quite entertaining watching the teen dive out of bed and flounce around like Kevin and Perry, it was also quite funny how everyone kept well out of the way. Sammy was fine and just got on with getting ready, we only live a 1 minute walk from the school so no need to stress at 7:45.

Fin had a fab tantrum and chucked his bedding off just before we went out of the door (over a pen), I think he just wanted to make sure I wasn’t bored when I returned from the school run.

I had a productive day of getting oily (nothing exciting) and dirty sorting through old, dusty and rusty classic motorbike parts. Daddy can’t lift or bend so I had to, it was pretty good team work and something we’ve been putting off for a long time but I want/need my play room back so they have to go – I must say I learnt quite a lot.

Cooked a lovely joint of pork for a few hours so we could have a nice hearty meal with lots of veggies. I try very hard to do this when they’re back in school, I think it’s a childhood thing from when I was growing up, I always remember having good home cooked meals and carrying this through to adulthood it’s almost a habit. And we’re bored of salad ๐Ÿ˜‚.

After school today as promised I took the littles blackberry picking!!

Daisy standing on a green painted metal bench and picking blackberries higher up.

Daisy and Fin helping each other move brambles to reach some berries.

Kobe stood on the green bench to reach some higher berries.

Kobe managed to drop his pot at this point but thankfully he brushed it off and carried on. It could have gone wrong with a tantrum though…phew!!

Blackberries ready to ripen in the sun.

High up blackberries, too high to reach.

Fully ripen, big and juicy blackberry.

Around 20 blackberries waiting to be picked by little fingers.

Horses that were grazin in the sunshine in the distance on common land coming to see what we were doing.
Nosey horses on the common coming to investigate.

The horses stopped at around 15 feet away from us. They are very cautious.

Now the horses have come within 7 feet. At this point we backed away to behind a gate.

A brown horse neighing for our berries the children have picked.
At this point we are back behind a gate as they’re very jumpy.

After filling two tupperware pots to the brim and Kobe managing to wipe blackberry juice over the front of his nice white t-shirt we went home to finish cooking dinner and see daddy.

I’d say we made the most of the sunshine and now we have lots of berries to make jam and an apple and blackberry puff pastry pie. We’ll see how the pie turns out tomorrow.

What else can we do with cooking apples? Any suggestions?

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