And they’re all back to school.

We did it!!!

We made it through to the other side of 6 weeks off…bravo to us!!

Cue obligatory back to school photo’s.

Daisy, Fin and Kobe posing for a back to school photo.
Sibling love until the camera isn’t on them.
Daisy, Fin and Kobe posing again.
Managed a second piccy.
Kobe posing sweetly
Kobe looking all cute.
Daisy smiling softly and looking ready for year 6.
Daisy all ready for year 6!
Fin frowning over Daisy jumping in to have her picture first.
Fin having a strop over not having his photo first.

Even Theo knew something was happening today and posed for a photo.

Theo smiling cheekily
Kobe and Fin running off to school
And they’re off!

Once I returned to the house, skipping through the door, I whistled my way through making some breakfast to sit with my hubby and just soaked up the peace….BLISS! One of my closest pals popped in for a cuppa (or two) and a chinwag which was so good to have some grown up female company.

Pottered about the house, while Theo played cars, he even brums whilst playing now, too cute!! Had left over lasagne for lunch, followed by a nap for Theo and daddy.

School run was lovely this afternoon. Really nice buzz of excitement from everyone, teachers, parents and children.

Kobe showing off his chocolate cupcake.
Kobe was made up to get a cake on his first day.

Hopefully the weather will be nice on the way home tomorrow as there is lots of BlackBerries that Kobe wants to pick to make jam. Fingers crossed.

How’s everyone’s children settling in back to school? Good I hope.


12 thoughts on “And they’re all back to school.”

  1. My little two have been back a few days and seem to enjoy it, although they are so tired and grumpy when I collect them whilst they settle back into school routine. My biggest is off to 6th form so its all change in our house x


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