Back to school eve part 2.

We won’t tell the children but I definitely woke up feeling nervous for teens first day back at comprehensive and Sammy’s first day beginning his comp journey. Such a huge amount of emotions surround this day. I still feel sad that they’re going back to school but generally we’re all ready.

We haven’t had the best summer with daddy still suffering with his herniated disks (confirmation on 2 disks being screwed), but I have tried my best.

On to the mandatory photo’s, only of Sammy, teen shot off before I could grab any.

They both had a fantastic day today. Walked home together, teen even met Sammy at lunch to check up on him. Better behaviour after the way she was first thing refusing to let him walk with her.

So I’m cutting it short today. It’s been a day of emotions. I don’t cry often but it’s not to say I don’t feel. Now for tomorrow and getting the littles back.

Hope anyone with children starting school or going back after summer have had a great first day.

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