Back to school eve.

We planned on having a lazy day today and I’d say the children achieved this. Me on the other hand, I’ve managed to do 6000 steps just doing housework….how?!

This little whirlwind is the reason.

He’s into everything, doesn’t want to play with HIS toys, want’s to be involved and generally goes around after me undoing my hard work, he’s 10 months, how is this human such a menace.

Washing strewn over the floor by ten month old baby
Really helpful.

The comprehensive school uniform is all ironed and ready!! One has gone up into year 9, the year of options and I think they sit a GCSE too… crazy. Then we have Sammy going into year 7. I already know he’s going to smash it.

Sammy pulling a silly face
Refusing to pull a normal face.

So as I go to sleep tonight I’m thinking of his first day at school at aged 3, the little terror that he was didn’t always listen too well in the beginning. I’m thinking of all the injuries he’s had throughout school – it became a running joke between us and the teachers, always his head or his mouth and a phone call which always started with “Hi Laura, it’s the school calling, now, not to worry but….” I knew it’d be Sam. I’m also thinking of how bright a boy he is and proud that he has an ability to cheer up anyone that’s around him. I can’t wait to watch him grow into his teen years and it starts tomorrow….eeeeek! Good luck to everyone starting or started the new school year. It’ll be round two for us Wednesday with the littles. X

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