Bye bye August. Hiya September.

Today has been fairly productive.

It’s crazy to think that 6 weeks have gone by and we’re now into September. Everyone is saying the same and we always will but we’ve definitely felt like this has been the quickest summer holidays. Sadly it’s not been the most fun but we’ve tried our best with what energy I’ve had to manage 6 children by myself. Even with an army of children it’s felt very lonely.

But back to today.

Didn’t start the day off too well, completely screwed up poached eggs for both Sam and Daddy (I mean come on) so ended up sulking and not bothering to make mine. Put a ham joint in the oven to cook for dinner. Walked to the shop in hope fresh air and peace would snap me out of my mood….it only slightly worked.

Came back to find daddy swinging away on the swing chair with little man having a cwtch.

Daddy and Theo snoozing on the swing chair.
Yes, we’ve ripped the chair cover 🤦

Cooked a much needed roast with lots of veggies. I think we’re all feeling a little lacking in vitamin’s. I’ve established that if I make a homemade cheese sauce and pour it over the veggies the children will eat almost any type.

Dropped Sammy off to be taken to a birthday party. Speedboat riding at Cardiff Bay! How cool is that for 11yr olds. Sam came home and didn’t stop chewing our ears off for the rest of the evening.

Speedboat going at speed at Cardiff bay.
Cardiff Sea Safari’s

Had a mammoth mission of cleaning Daisy’s bedroom for longer than I wanted…. she’s sooooo lazy it’s unreal. We are dreading the teen years with that one, I mean the actual teen may not have got out of bed until 13:30 today but her room is clutter free, organised, clean and looks like she gives a shit. Daisy…well, we need to re-evaluate what she thinks is clean and tidy to our clean and tidy.

Another Sunday, another 1st of the month (lots of dead legs in our house again) and into the last day of the holidays for the teens tomorrow and last two days for the littles.

Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend!

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