Finishing the school shop.

Really starting to feel as though the summer holidays are coming to the end. Part of us feels very happy about this and part of us feels sad, mixed emotions indeed.

We went on the last shopping spree today and I’m not sure how I made it out the other side.

Shopping was going smoothly right up until the point the 4 year old decided to hide in Matalan. When I say hide, I mean it took 20 minutes to find him. Myself, Daisy and Fin split up to hunt, we literally went up and down every aisle but no sign. 10 minutes in I started to freak but kept it calm as I didn’t want to panic the others. I tried to get myself into the mindset of a 4 year old but honestly I didn’t expect the game to last so long. I was just about to ask security to help when the little angel (bugger) came running at us laughing. I was FURIOUS! Oh and did I mention that at least half of this time Theo was wailing, you know, just to add to the drama.

Straight home for a lecture and bedroom time for Kobe. The rest of us ate lunch, had a quick tidy up and settled to watch Wales V Ireland play rugby. I’m a big rugby fan, Craig can sometimes take or leave it but gradually Sammy is understanding the game, at least I’ll have a companion.

Daisy had the sweetest delivery from her best friend today. She’s missed him so much over the summer and it was adorable to see how much it meant to her to have a quick hello and a gift drop. I hope their friendship bond never ends!!

We also played ‘Who is brave enough to get rid of this.’ I’m a wimp, Craig is sill broken and the kids were struggling to pick it up in the glass and take it out. Great! Daddy ended up getting fed up with us squealing that he manages to do it. I hate this time of year.

Any tips on keeping them out?

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