Porthor ‘Whistling sands’

We’ve been looking at our Welsh travels today and unsurprisingly we’ve visited a lot of Welsh beaches having travelled along the coast as far up as Caernarfon Castle.

Newgale beach is always going to be our favourite, there’s just a connection which seems unbreakable, like a magnet that draws us back year after year. 16 years ago we started camping at Newgale campsite as a young couple now we continue to do so as a family.

What we have managed to dig out of the memory bank from a couple of years ago is our accidental stumble across Porthor beach also known as Whistling Sands.

Porthor ‘Whistling Sands’

This was a stressful drive having left Newgale early one summer’s day. Every man, dog, family and tractor seemed to be heading the same direction. Kids needing wee stops en route, bored of playing eye spy and crammed in like sardines because we were away for over a week, so packed everything but the kitchen sink (we did have a washing up bowl though).

We had tried to stop at a previous beach which I can’t remember the name of however it was turning out to be a nightmare to park and so we moved on. We were heading to Aberystwyth anyway so it was only going to be a quick stop and so with a quick point at the map we found a beach we’d never heard of and gave it a go.

Beautiful Welsh coast

A ten minute walk from the carpark brought us the view in the picture above. Then we discovered the cove of Whistling sands.

As you can imagine this wasn’t a five minute stop after all, we just didn’t want to leave.

Excuse my attempt at a panoramic shot
Rockpool’s galore
The children jumping the small breaks.

If you are lucky enough to catch the sound of Whistling you really won’t believe that it’s made by the shape of the sand particles rubbing together under your feet. This apparently only happens when we have very warm weather (so once in a blue moon in the UK).

So there we have it…a very highly recommended place you MUST visit in Wales!!! You won’t be disappointed.

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