Daisy turns ten!

This little puppy of mine turned 10 today!

Nanny stole Daisy yesterday afternoon so she wasn’t with us first thing this morning. We know a lot of people that wouldn’t accept this on a birthday eve and morning but the main thing was that Daisy wanted to be there. She loves staying with nanny they really are BFF’s and they had plans to do Daisy’s favourite activity today – swimming!

It was a good chance for us to grab some last minute bits and wrap gifts without her here.

Last minute school shopping was done, shoes for Kobe and Fin, socks for all. We’ve thrown out so many pairs of socks this summer it’s rediculous. Oh and no doubt we’ll find some in the trees at the bottom of the garden, Fin likes to tantrum still at age 7 and this is his thing.

Sammy had his hair cut too, that’s all of the boys done and I can’t believe this handsome lad is starting comprehensive school next week 😭 emotional mum alert!!

I completely ran out of time to make a cake but nanny cake to the rescue and bought this for little lady, she loves Maltesers so this was perfect. Most supermarkets have these cake smash cakes now, I love it.

To finish the day off Daisy chose to have a Chinese takeaway. Good choice as I hadn’t thought about cooking.

All in all a great birthday was had.

Our little Daisy.

One of the kindest, most helpful, free spirited little darlings. She has the biggest amount of love that could radiate from a little human. Her persistence will get her far and her talents are endless.

Happy 10th birthday gorgeous girly.

We love you lots moomin!!

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