August is nearly over.

Stating the obvious I know but we’re normally away or coming back from being away or just got back from being away, doing nothing this week has thrown us. Do you ever feel sometimes that there’s something hanging over you that you should be doing and can’t quite figure it out? That’s what we’ve been feeling and we think that’s why, we are never doing nothing at this time of year.

Myself and daddy have had a lot to sort out today, paperwork and boring adulting…yawwwwn.

Nanny came to the rescue of the children and took Kobe and Finley swimming to our local pool. We had a chat before she left about back to school hair cuts and how she would like to take them, I was a bit overwhelmed when they got back, in a good way though.

Kobe before…

Kobe after…

Kobe and Finley after ๐Ÿ˜ฒ it’s going to take a while to grow on us (no pun intended).

We had a food shop delivery and caught up on a bit of housework. Daisy packed her overnight bag to go and stay at nanny’s and then tomorrow

This little doll will be 10!!

So crazy how quickly time whizzes by.

I’ve left daddy watching Stranger Things as I think he was getting annoyed with my questions ๐Ÿ˜‚ I probably should have and advise anyone to watch from the beginning. I think I just jumped in at season 3 episode 2, yeah….no clue what is going on.

Tomorrow, we are blowing up balloons!

Nos da x

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