The motivation has run out.

It’s been a slow day. Like a snail pace kinda day.

I think we’ve all hit a wall of the holidays being done now, even with a birthday this week it isn’t the usual buzz, we know why though, it’s because of daddy and his back.

He’s had a painful day today which is frustrating for all really, him mostly though as we don’t have to put up with that side of things. Even the teen made a comment of ‘Daddy doesn’t seem to be walking as well today or for as long’, she’s right too.

What we have done today though is lots of colouring, it seems to be our go to thing if we have little energy or drive.

Daisy has been making masterpieces again, nearly 10 and can draw better than me, she definitely has a flare for art. I cannot believe how many felt tip pens I’ve bought this summer because of them running out.

We didn’t get around to completing my concrete pole installation but I honestly don’t care, it’s felt like a long summer and what ever doesn’t get done now is tough luck.

Myself and the teen made pasta for dinner. She’s keen on learning how to cook, mainly because she ‘Couldn’t be bothered to live on super noodles’ her words too. We made homemade cheese sauce, or rather teen made it while I delegated, sooooo easy, smoked bacon, veggies and pasta with a side of garlic bread.

Daim cake for dessert. So we found out tonight it’s actually Gluten Free for all you lovely people that need a delicious GF cake, this is a must.

Food shopping and film in bed sees the back of a not very entertaining Tuesday.

How’s your Tuesday?

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