Too hot to dig but dig I must.

Three. Hours. Sleep.

Yep, that’s all I had last night and for many reasons

1. Too warm.

2. Kobe wet the bed and seems to be having this regression at the minute. I also found out that he gets up and drinks from the tap or does so before he goes to bed (there’s me thinking he had a drink an hour before). Really glad I read up on it and it’s completely normal for under 5’s to bed wet.

3. My mind is whirring constantly with so much going on since Craig’s back has been bad (he’s slowly getting better but we’re over 3 months now of chronic pain). It’s one thing after another and truth be told, living like a single parent when you aren’t is just mind boggling.

4. The baby wakes every now and then and it takes me ages to doze back off.

So yeah, great really and sets you up for a miserable day with burning eyes and a thumping headache that paracetamol wouldn’t touch. I can only hope this isn’t a habit that’s hard to break.

Positives from the day though – yes there are some I promise.

Just before Craig’s back selfishly decided to herniate he was going to concrete my washing pole into place, obviously this (amongst other jobs) didn’t get done. I’ve gone all summer with airing clothes or extra tumble drying on a sunny day that I’ve decided to do it myself. It’s challenge Annika for me on my own as the pole is about 13ft tall but screw it, I’m going to do it. I’ve dug my hole ready for concrete mixing and pouring tomorrow, using searches on the web I found all the information I think I need.

I was harassed by a grasshopper which was great fun for Fin who loves all things garden bugs at the moment.

And if you want to see something very cute, watch the video

10 months and 9 days old! What a cutie!! Can’t wait to get his first pair of shoes.

Other than the usually feeding the 5000 we haven’t done much else.

Hope you’ve all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend. What did you do?

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