We are a relaxed family today.

Up at 8am on a Sunday means it could have been worse but also could been better or it could have been like yesterday, I’ll take today thanks.

Omelette all round for breakfast and most definitely Theo’s favourite. He’s needing lots of food at the moment for a) a growth spurt b) he’s trying so hard to walk and c) well he’s just greedy. I do not mind though as he enjoys food so much and isn’t fussy at all, the only food he doesn’t like is banana’s.

Look at what he’s achieved today! PROUD!!

We cleared the garden a little, daddy has been staring at a wheelbarrow full of rubble (and monster spiders) for months now and his back is just a no go for any lifting at all, one thing for it then…. I’LL DO IT!!

Gloves on because I have to, not because of breaking nails but because I’m an entomophobe (I learnt this word today).

Tip run complete and then just relax in the garden. We really did just put our feet up, daddy kind of has to anyway but he is now able to make a cup of tea… finally.

After spaghetti and meatballs with spinach for dinner we just watched the sky changing and the sun was setting.

Sometimes, just sometimes, we do nothing.

How’s your bank holiday so far?

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