Medieval festival and friends.

I wish there were words for the noises we were woken up to thus morning but there just aren’t so I’ll explain.

Shrieking like cats fighting, slamming of doors, similar sounds to gun shots, wailing, grunting, stomping, objects hitting surfaces – like a war zone basically only it was 3 out of 6 children fighting. One wanted something on the TV, the other didn’t so tried to snatch the remote which then went flying and knocked over the lamp, kicking each other and wrestling, the TV turned up full blast hence the gunshots sounding real. Honestly I could have cancelled today from 8am but instead I brushed it all off and poured a hot cup of PMA (positive mental attitude) and actually so glad because we’ve had a fabulous day.

After having hot jammy croissants and fruit for breakfast we got ourselves sorted, made a picnic and left daddy at home (which we’re so fed up of doing, hurry up bad back), we walked to an event at the grand opening of the Guild Hall Llantrisant.

We walked from home which took 50 minutes and may have been a little bit too warm as it was around 27C, however we did have lots of cold drinks and stopped a couple of times in the shade. We were plastered in suncream, wore hats and sunglasses so we coped pretty well. First stop was the park for our picnic.

Then onto the medieval festival!!

I have to take my hat off to the people who dress for these events. Full attire of chain mail, woollen gowns, carrying around very heavy weapons from way back when, they were melting but so cheery (probably the mead) and happy to tell stories and answer all of the children’s question.

Daisy loved the longbow!

I’m always proud how the children join in and give things a go, they were mostly mesmerised by the gentleman showing them the weapon’s, he was just over 7ft tall.

Inside the Guildhall itself I never got to see sadly as it was just too hot and I didn’t see access for a pushchair but Sammy took my camera to show me the displays.

I will go again to see everything and spend more time reading up on the history.

Back home for the afternoon with an ice lolly in the garden and a visit from some of our closest friend’s and their fur babies. Myself and aunty Nat had a couple of drinks while uncle Ian lit a fire and toasted marshmallows with the children.

Note to self – Theo is not to be trusted near my plant pots.

All in all, a very successful and tiring day.

How was your Saturday?

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