Park fun and curry night.

Daddy let me stay in bed until 8:30 this morning. Lucky me! No sarcasm at all, I really did appreciate it. No cup of tea when he did wake me although with his bad back he would have spilt most of it fetching it to me, no win situation there.

After breakfast I decide to venture to the park with the children. I like to go early as it’s attached to a skate park and basketball court, usually full of foul mouthed, smoking, drinking and swearing teens.

I thought we’d only be there half an hour after last time being a fail with tantrums but nope, I actually lost track of how long we stayed and we had the whole place to us too.

Filbert tree above (funny story about this further down).

We picked a couple of BlackBerries which Kobe bought home and washed. I found some nuts in a tree. Loved how nostalgic it felt, you see my dad used to call them Filberts, so as I got older I used to say that we should go Filbert picking sometime and never did because I didn’t know what tree Filberts grew on, well I was very excited to find some and right behind my house too. Anyway, we got home and I thought I’d Google when Filberts are ready to pick only to find out that they’re bloody hazelnuts…FILBERTS ARE HAZELNUTS!!! How am I 32 years old and I thought they were two different things? If my dad was alive I would have rung him to laugh at myself and also shout at him for making me think this 🤣.

The boys were much better than me.

Theo thought I’d gone – god forbid I should be out of baby sight. It’s love really.

After the park we went to the shop for a cold drink to walk back with and had freshly roasted warm chicken and avocado salad wraps.

We had a lovely, lazy afternoon with worn out children followed by a curry night made by teen and myself.

Lots of veggies packed in with lots of flavour.

What is your plan for Bank Holiday weekend?

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