Memories from this day 3 years ago.

We love our memories popping up on social media and this morning was great to see where we had been 3 years ago today. Stratford-upon-Avon butterfly farm big thumbs up from us and recommended highly to families in the area looking for a worth while day out.

We went with the intention of escaping the rain showers and by going in not knowing anything about it I think we appreciated the experience more. Well maybe the rest of family, I’m a complete wimp and they are HUGE and land on you and lick you and I just struggled to cope….but I did for the children’s sake.

It was quite mesmerising once I’d had a word with myself. I found a bench and sat (hoping no more would land on me) just taking in the beautiful colours that were gently flapping around…roughly 2000 butterflies and around 250 various specious. The tropical blossoms carefully planted, the noise of running water from the man made streams and waterfall’s that flow into pools filled with fish. It’s described on the webpage and helpful guide (we purchased this for £1) as being exotic and it really is. Truth be told I could have had an afternoon nap had I not been petrified.

There’s a resident Iguana called Prudence, she just perches up high to overlook the running of the place.

See how at one Prudence is with the butterflies landing on her. We were assured she doesn’t eat them.

There are minibeast talks in the Minibeast Metropolis…again, I have to say I kinda let daddy just take the children around this part whilst I watched a family of Chinese quail wandering around. There are some beautiful exotic birds that live here.

There really is something for the whole family inside this warm and tropical farm. The children learnt about the lifecycle of various butterflies while I read up on the fascinating connection the Stratford farm had with Belize and the ancient Maya civilization. You can find all about this on the website which I’ve included at the beginning of the blog.

So there we have it….our memory from this day 3 years ago.

Anyone else scared of butterflies, if not what creature’s do creep you out?

12 thoughts on “Memories from this day 3 years ago.”

  1. I don’t mind butterflies so much but I remember taking my now 3 year old to a Butterfly Farm a couple of years ago and the poor little thing was petrified!! She screamed the whole way round!! And we couldn’t turn round and exit because it was only one-way so we had to take her through the whole thing!! It’s a wonder it hasn’t scarred her for life!! 🤣


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