And Daisy’s back.

Look how much grip Theo has on his sister. The cutest reaction to Daisy coming home after 4 days away at The Green Man Festival and nanny’s house. He was that excited he couldn’t finish his dinner and just wanted to be picked up for cwtches.

Daisy bought me a gift home. Raspberry soap handmade and with a loofah embedded so I can scrub at the same time as washing. She also bought a block of shampoo so we can save on plastic, I think her membership with the WWF is giving her something to think about and I’m proud that she’s becoming quite passionate about this at aged 9.

I think all I’ve done today is collected my shopping, painted my garden gate (ran out of paint though) and finally got on top the house to give myself a day of rest tomorrow.

The girls cooked burgers for dinner. They were so yummy. Steak burgers topped with BBQ pulled pork, Daisy also made courgette slices browned in butter and garlic salt – such a tasty side and I love courgette as does Theo.

After the crazy bed frenzy it’s been nice to listen to Craig and teen sit and chat about the world, politics, climate and money. She’s getting quite interested in grown up conversation, where did my little lady go.

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