What day is it?

Teething baby alert!!

Sleep was overrated last night, it wasn’t completely terrible but it wasn’t what I needed. I’m an 8hrs kinda gal, broken 6hrs doesn’t work for me. Plus side is that we know why – swollen gums, dribbling, moaning eating his toast at breakfast and refusing a strawberry (unheard of) oh and chewing daddy’s finger like it’s the best. We do have the best teething toy though, a silicone banana teether with a toothbrush on the end, I recommend these to anyone and can’t believe I’ve never seen them having the other 5, here’s the link so check them out https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B002QYW8LW/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_i_akgxDbAFEA18M.

It’s been a TV kind of day. Who remembers watching TV like this? There is always one of them doing something slightly odd, this time it was Fin, when I questioned what he was doing he was very casual and replied “I just like watching telly like this”.

The teen did the grocery shop online tonight, it’s ok, I checked it before I put the order through and to be honest, I probably could have done so without amending it but I needed to add a couple of items (boring household essentials).

And that has been the peaceful day for us. Back to the list of 100 things to do over the summer from tomorrow. We’ve got lots to tick off.

10 thoughts on “What day is it?”

  1. I had one son who seemed to spend a long time upside down. He had to stop eventually as he was getting lots of nosebleeds. No fun having a teething baby during the school holidays.


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