Family movie night.

Still continuing on our eating a decent breakfast, look how big our raspberries are!! Theo was eating these when he was pulling the best baby faces.

We have been doing the most boring things today…yawn!

Deleting emails – daddy had about 17000 in his inbox, I had about 11000, ridiculous.

House chores – washing (3 loads), washed and dried the new school items. Hoovering and mopping.

Made breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Cleaned the bathroom – I do this daily as we have lots of boys in the house that just don’t notice when they drip on the toilet seat.

The babies had a bit too much PlayStation time but today I just needed to get on with things and sometimes…just sometimes it’s very necessary. In all fairness to them they did notice when the sun was out to go outside and grab fresh air in between rain showers.

We all got into PJ’s after dinner and settled in to watch The Avengers Endgame – we’ve been waiting for what seems like a long time. According to the children I’ve grown grey hairs it’s been that long! Thanks kids.

I’ve only made it two hours into the film as Theo was insistent on climbing up, then moaning, climbing down, then moaning and so on….for two whole hours. I will watch from where I left off tomorrow. Has anyone else been eagerly awaiting Avengers Endgame release?

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