How’s your Sunday been?

We’ve been lazy!!

We slept in until 9am this morning…. yes!!! So needed and appreciated greatly. This was possible due to the new sticker/activity books I bought from Poundland yesterday, amazing value for money.

We had poached eggs on toast for breakfast, fruit juice and coffee because, well, because we can. Attempted some chores and then realised I couldn’t be bothered , it’s Sunday after all and I very rarely think screw it, I’m not doing anything.

Theo settled for a nap around noon and guess what, I felt guilty looking around the house so I went back to the chores but decided to take them slowly and not feel bad about what I didn’t achieve. Honestly I’ve done a lot of talking to myself today haha!

Made some lunch and wrote a shopping list…I cannot believe how many notepads I go through with list writing and now my old one is full I get to buy a new one…yay!!! (Sad).

Tesco with Emily and Theo is lethal. Teen that somehow is always starving when we get there so has to grab something to eat, Theo who at 10months thinks the whole shop is a buffet and just cries at the shelves of food. Enjoyable…not! After having the teen just use my tiredness as a free pass to fill the trolley with junk food we came home and were treated to her cooking a delicious chilli. I have to say I’m so impressed with his my children just get on with things that most young adults wouldn’t try.

Ok it wasn’t from scratch, she used a jar but chopped up fresh vegetables to go in it too. It was so yummy.

Daisy is having an amazing time at The Green Man Festival, we had a short video from nanny today.

And that’s about all we’ve done. Just how a Sunday should be. Accept blackberry picking was rained off so we’ll try again tomorrow.

What’s your dream Sunday?

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