Wales v England

Those who know me know that I’m a bit of a rugby freak, it’s kind of rubbed off on some of the children too, obviously to my delight. Well today was the second match of the summer warm ups before the rugby world cup in October, naturally my whole day revolved around kick off.

Omelette for breakfast with a side of fruit salad, we all definitely notice a difference when we start the day this way. Theo just loves fruit and vegetables, he’s by far the healthiest out of us all, not bad for 10months.

I took 4 of the kidders shopping for school gear. Mainly lunch boxes, stationery and a top up of clothing that needed replacing. White polo shirts and suncream is never a good combo, I can never get it out. Teen was clock watching for me and we managed 4 shops in an hour and cane away with everything we needed.

Home in time to have some lunch, pack Daisy’s bags and open a beer in time for kick off!!

Now for the tricky part…how do you keep children who have just been fed and watered quiet? Surprisingly it was easy today, new activity books bought while we were out.

Whilst I was “calmly” watching the game I plaited Daisy’s hair as she went to her first ever Festival with nanny today, The Green Man Festival. She was so cute wanting me to festival ready her.

We went with hair chalk and new wellies. She had face glitter for tomorrow too. Cute!!

Once nanny had collected her BFF we finished watching Wales beat England…sooooo satisfying to see after last week’s performance.

Chinese takeaway was necessary this evening and we’ve had a good few hours of daddy downstairs this evening…. progress, finally. But still very slow and we aren’t fixed yet. Positive though really. Hope you’ve all had a fab Saturday, bring on Sunday…blackberry picking tomorrow…can’t wait!!

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