The baby had the best lazy morning for a long time and it totally felt needed. He didn’t wake up until 9:20 so I had to creep about even just to do my morning routine. Never wake a sleeping baby I say!!

Had a pretty hectic few hours in the middle of the day, all piled in the van to take daddy to hydrotherapy. As it was raining heavily we took colouring books and pens so we could be entertained while we waited for the signal to pick daddy up from his appointment. We generally just park up at the hospital and wait, no need to come home when it’s less than an hour long appointment. We sang along to the radio while the rain battered down on the roof, colouring away with some snacks and chatting…it was quite cosy.

Dropped daddy home as he was hurting from hydro exercises and went on a roadtrip to drop Sammy off to his dad’s for the weekend. Friday + Rain = rediculous traffic so we pit stopped on the way.

So funny that kiddies have a song they sing

O McDonald had a farm EIEIO, And on that farm he had a cheeseburger happy meal, EIEIO

We do have fun even doing the simplest of journey’s. Today was a bit stressful though, surface water, spray, idiots and more traffic. What usually takes me about 1hr 30 took me 2hrs 30, not great with a crying baby that still, at 10 months old, hates his carseat.

Anyway, home safe, quick cuppa and decorated our yummy vanilla cupcakes.

Daisy did nearly all of the work. She’s just fantastic at nearly 10yrs old. I give her instructions and she just gets on with it. She’s going far that one.

Myself and daisy then made dinner, again she helped prepare the meal. We had seafood, chorizo, fresh garlic, vegetables and rice, kinda like a paella.

We’ve not long finished watching a movie – Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks, not too bad a film, anyone else seen it?

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