Sunset walks and cupcakes.

It’s been a stressful morning/chilled out lunch time/stressful evening/chilled out evening kind of day today. I don’t think it’ll ever be possible to have a straight through relaxing day in our household but secretly I wouldn’t want it any other way or I’d be bored. How can you be mad when this little angel face wakes you up?

Such a softy when he wakes up. Always a smile full of love (unless Kobe is already in his face) and most of the time stays sleepy just staring at me for a few minutes like I’m his favourite thing, I’ll take that first thing in the morning.

We’ve made the most of doing a bit of everything today. Garden playing, bug finding… I’m definitely getting more scared as I get older, even a woodlouse was too much for me today, I won’t show the kids that and it’s not for wanting them to not be scared, it’s because the monsters will chase me with them.

We made cupcakes ready to decorate them tomorrow, tiny bit overdone but with some buttercream on them tomorrow they’ll be fine.

I’m a nightmare when it comes to decorating cakes with the kids. I have this OCD of having to let them do some and then I have to have my own so at least I know there’s no kiddie fingers poking mine (I know I’m not the only parent).

After dinner this evening I was able to leave daddy in charge for half hour while I went for a walk, camera in hand, sunset was immanent so off I went on my tod. God I need it sometimes, just a breather from the pandemonium.

Took these while I was out.

No professional photographer by any means but I do enjoy it and like the hobby it’s becoming. Who’s got a hobby? Show of hands please.

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