Rainy days stop play

I think one of my favourite things in life is being curled up under the quilt and hearing the sound of the rain beating down on the roof and windows. There’s something so therapeutic about it and I got to lay for about 10 minutes in a little trance listening, no thinking or background noise. Then I thought “oh shit it’s too quiet, what are they up to?”.

Quietly padding down the stairs (probably nowhere near as quiet as o thought) I thought I’d try to catch them out doing something they shouldn’t, they being the little angels. I kid you not, they were all sat watching a film under blankets on the sofa…I cannot work out how this is even possible. No arguing, hitting each other, no mess even! Well I be buggered, I could have easily stayed in bed for another half hour….next time.

We really haven’t done much today at all. Movie marathons, eating a truck tonne of junk, colouring. Made pizza’s and Carbonara – Italian night.

Theo loves ๐Ÿ•. He actually just loves food in general.

Oh we did do something, silly me, we went to baby fat club and got chunk weighed. 10 months now and 19lb 7oz, no wonder he’s making me ache when I’m carrying him for too long.

On our 2 minute walk to his weigh in.

But we’ve really relaxed today and it’s been lovely. Hope everyone’s hump day has been a good one. Anyone done anything exciting?

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