Shop shop shopping

As promised to myself yesterday, I woke up in full battle mode and determined to win today. I actually feel like I may have achieved this.

After taking a food delivery at 9am, putting this away and feeding the 5000, I compiled my list of things to achieve today (I love a list) and started ticking them off. It’s never going to be a fun list with a house full of littles and currently a husband still stuck in bed more than not. So whilst waiting for the teen to wake….you must never wake one, all sorts of drama happens if they’re woken without permission…I had a quiet coffee, yes a quiet coffee. A quiet coffee consists of me, a cup of coffee and no noise disturbance. It’s strange when this happens, it’s almost like a twilight zone or something….but yes that is a quiet coffee.

So teen woke up around 10am, Kobe was on top form as she graced us with her presence in the kitchen he said “Oh my god!! I think you look like a vampire!!” It was totally brilliant and had me in stitches.

I dragged Kobe shopping with myself, teen and Theo and always have this feeling of dread when he’s with us. You never know what Kobe mood we’ll have, like Jekyll and Hyde and maybe some other characters thrown in too. Today was a slight Tasmanian Devil theme of “accidentally” pulling off clothes from hangers whilst trying to play hide and seek in the clothes rails (great game) and just generally having a great time running around like a looney. We did pause for a breather which Kobe thought was fabulous.

And then back off running like a wild child.

Home for lunch.

Attacked by wasps (I hate this time of year).

Made some pasta and meatballs for dinner.

Finally finished painting my fence… wayhay!!

Movie on for the littles and day done.

Can anyone recommend old films that may interest the kids? We have watched a load but someone may think of something we’ve missed.

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