Fresh air day.

I swear that as the holidays go on the earlier the children are waking, this never happens on a school day. Today was 4:45!! Who even functions at this time of day and why would I want to communicate about what was on YouTube yesterday? I wanted to shout “I DON’T CARE!” but then I would have felt bad and it would have been a little harsh, instead I lay in bed as long as could and thought about how we are going to get around this because let’s face it…a 7yr old just doesn’t grasp that daylight outside (the sun rising) doesn’t mean it’s time to get up. So I dealt with it by having a family meeting at about 9am. I calmly explained that he needs to take some steps…

Step 1. Check the time on his clock not go by daylight outside.

Step 2. If he finds he can’t go back off, read a book.

Step 3. Under no circumstance is he to wake the others up because he’s ‘bored’.

Step 4. Wait for me to get out of bed before getting himself food (he’s pretty good but he’s eating all the wrong foods being sneaky).

Let’s hope the steps work.

I decide to take them to the park today, fresh air was needed to wake my brain up and lots of bickering about the house was driving us nuts. The children have electric motorbikes that we try as often as possible to get them out on so we took one of these with us as well as scooters and Kobe his scoot/balance bike – he’s a demon on most two wheel things but this is his favoured toy.

The pictures show happiness at the park, the reality is lots of crying from getting wet in puddles at the bottom of slide (Kobe), pushing each other too high on swings, wasps chasing us, deciding to try and abandon the toys they took over and resulting in me giving in and going home after only half hour.

I basically sulked for the rest of the day while I just allowed movie marathon day for the littles to keep them off my back. I did feed and water them I promise.

All in all I felt a bit defeated by my army today. I’m going to bed though with a list of things to do tomorrow…they will not win muahuhahaha!!!!

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