Mixed Sunday feels.

Help me!

I’m not a fan of shopping. I dislike all shopping but the back to school after summer shop drives me insane the most. I’ve asked the kiddies what they want (some are very fussy) and we end up with a list of fluffy topped pencils, cutesy shaped rubbers and funky patterned socks….great help!!

Back to school, new start, new year, new everything has got me thinking though, thinking about how much is wasted from last term? Do we really need new everything? Why do we feel we have to even when there’s still decent enough clothes or bags or lunch boxes. After going through the drawers today (yawn) I have decided that if it’s not broken, too small or has stains I couldn’t get out, I’m not buying new….I lie, I’m going to get jumpers regardless because last year every single shop sold out of my lots ages and I struggled to get replacements part way through the year – because nobody buys jumpers in the winter right!!

Rant over…

What’s everyone been up to today?

We’ve had a lovely Sunday. Played with my camera in between rain showers, love the droplets on my plants.

Kobe went for a swimming trip to Cardiff with nanny. The children absolutely love the pool there, although it was very busy https://www.leisurecentre.com/cardiff-international-pool-and-gym definitely worth checking opening times before turning up. Kobe is a water baby so it’s perfect for him to go here, he particularly likes the lazy river where as the older ones love the slides.

Apart from that we’ve pottered about really, made some pasta for dinner

Theo really enjoyed his as you can see from the aftermath.

Oh but we did have some crazy power surge thing happen. Not sure what happened but we had a power cut, something went bang…like a really loud bang, bright light like an explosion and half of the streetlights are still out now. Not sure I’ve experienced that happen before so I couldn’t explain it. Kids were brill though, Daisy went straight into the garden, grabbed the solar lights and distributed them amongst the kiddies so they each had one in their rooms (they never have lights on) incase it happens again.

Anyone care to explain what it could have been? Crazy I tell you.

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