Rainy summer’s day.

In true British summertime fashion we’ve had horrendous weather today. 50mph winds, heavy downpours, literally rivers running down the street and still people are walking around in shorts, t’s and flip flops (much to our amusement). I’m really bad when I see something happen to someone else, I can switch from “Are they ok?” to rolling crying laughing in an instant. This happened today at the shop….I mean you’re kind of asking for it if you wear flip flops when we’re having a Monsoon….darting out of the rain through the entrance of the shop and within a couple of feet it was like watching Bambi on ice until they hit the deck. I laughed….properly burst out with tears streaming laughing, how bad is that? I did check to make sure they hadn’t snapped themselves but I couldn’t help it…the lolling came. Please tell me there’s someone out there just as cruel as me?

Anyway…I guess that was my highlight of my day…oh and Theo looked the cutest in the big boy part of the trolley.

I did also have a nice day with the mini’s. We did painting again today and the shop trip was an emergency colouring pens and paper dash, I can’t believe how much we go through.

Grabbed Daisy a new pair of wellies as she’s being spoilt and going Green Man Festival with nanny soon, I wish I was going but daddy wouldn’t cope with out me for that long.

We had American style dinner tonight and all feel stuffed, so I’m cutting it short with writing as I’m that full I can’t concentrate – note to self…must stop eating when full, not get to exploding stage.

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