A pretty chilled day

It’s been as relaxing as it can be today but crikey I felt tired. Late night thoughts kept me awake until god knows what time, rain was heavy in bursts which was disturbing me and a huge clap of thunder (just one, one bloody pointless shot gun sounding clap) at around 4am and that was it…I couldn’t get back off.

Does anyone else creep around the house doing silent chores? I end up giggling to myself because I’m so clumsy, the more I try to be quiet the louder I get. Tripped over invisible objects, dropped the chopping board, boiled the kettle (you can’t make this quieter, I have thought about it) and my bin lid was stuck down with some disgusting, sticky, gooey substance – had to whack the lid eventually to get it open – generally I fail on silent chores.

Had a greatly needed visit from one of my best girlie’s. So nice to have a natter over a cup of tea and feel like an adult with actual friends. Being a fabulous hairdresser/friend that she is she cut the teens hair. I find it mad that even when you don’t see someone for a couple of weeks or some of my friends it could be a year before we see each other, but when we do it’s like we haven’t been away from each other for longer than a few days.

After aunty Nat left we took daddy to hydrotherapy. He’s not had the best day with pain today…great. Another session to go and then another referral to see what’s the next step (possibly injections….he will faint 😂).

Afternoon nap was had to which we have decided is necessary at the moment with broken nights from one thing or another. It’s looking like thunder is forecast tonight so it could be a broken night…yayyyy…not.

So yeah, pretty quiet today really. Thank you for my visit Nat (I know you’ll read this) 😘.

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