Chauffeur driving.

Today was the first time in…well I actually can’t remember when this happened last, but, I was woken up by someone else making me a cup of tea and bringing it to me in bed – my mam.

It’s been a really lovely couple of days having family staying and we’ve done as much as we could really with only having me able to drive, mum having a knee replacement so recently, Craig still on and off in agony and bed and my sister doesn’t drive so yes, pretty limited but I reckon it’s been enough. I mean I’m hanging personally so it must be enough haha!!

I played chauffeur and drove them home today, this took about 2hrs there and back and thankfully the traffic was kind to us…the M4 can be a bloody nightmare (those who know the stretch I drive will know). Stopped off at McDonald’s for a milkshake en route home too, sneaky because we drank them before we got back to hide the evidence 😉.

After the entertaining few days we had an afternoon nap….I LOVE A NAP!! I learnt how to nap from an old work colleague and her tips were perfect. Don’t go later than 2pm (this is a good time) and don’t nap too long (an hour is good), I try my best to stick to this or I feel yucky when I wake up.

Teen helped me cook dinner

We made a yummy spag bol and chucked in some spinach for extra veg along with carrots, mushrooms, fresh garlic, red onion, tomatoes (yellow as well as red because mum left them here…hehe) and herbs. What else works well to boost the veggie numbers?

Love where this one’s mind takes her – is an ice lolly a drink or a food? Her reasoning for the question was that you can bite it off so it’s food like but it’s frozen liquid so it’s technically a drink. Love it! What do you think?

To finish our day we had more cheesecake from yesterday and watched a bit of you tube. The kiddies are obsessed with watching The Slow Mo guys, pretty interesting and would rather they watched that than someone playing on a game and narrating the game whilst filming them do it…nothing more annoying for a parent.

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