A day of yummyness.

Woken up by a 4 year old…..”mummy, mummy, mummy, mummy?” I could only just prize an eye open to his little face peeping around the door to say “I’ve done a poo”. Amazing!

Yep that was my start to the day at 7am, could have been earlier though right? Oh and then the floods of requests came. I felt quite on it though really, relaxed breaky of warmed croissants and pain au chocolat, tea, coffee, fruit juice, all good with only one or two moans of I don’t like it.

Once dressed we decided to have a painting session, you may be getting the picture now that we love arty things, nanny and the teen got involved in this activity which the boys loved. I don’t know why but Kobe just loves an adult joining in with anything he tries to do, guess it’s his bonding time.

Myself, nanny, Kobe and his cousin T popped to the farm shop to choose some yummy fresh food for lunch…I think my new obsession is the homemade pasty they make (we had 2 x three cheese with red onion and spinach and 2 x beef with vegetables) they really were so full of soft, warm filling and melt in the mouth pastry. Saw the resident llama’s and laughed at a chicken with funny hair (head feather’s).

Once back and lunch eaten we got onto the favourite part of the day…CHEESECAKE MAKING! It was just so exciting and a huge family effort – I have no electrical kitchen aids for whisking – call me old fashioned but my dad engrained old fashioned methods into me. I discovered a lady on Instagram called Jane’s patisserie who’s pictures literally make me dribble, go see for yourself https://www.janespatisserie.com/2016/02/08/no-bake-caramac-cheesecake/.

Anyway this incredible talent for all things bake, no bake, ice-cream, the works basically, well she has recipe’s for her work. It was only natural for me to think “I’ll have a go at that”.

The recipe was so easy to follow even though I made it hard work by not having the right size tin, or an electric whisk or a food processor, it was great.

As I said…. total team effort…me, nanny, aunty H and teen all had a go at mixing the thicken it up. So I guess after waffling on you want to see a picture if the final result…not yet people, were at setting point.

Once the cheesecake was made I had to take a very sore daddy to an appointment. Still can’t believe he’s struggling as much as he is 3 months on….Damn you herniated disk!! Aunty H cooked a lovely chicken with hoisin and garlic stir fry while we were on our way back (much appreciated) and then we had…….. CHEESECAKE!!! NOT Jane’s patisserie standard at all but by god it was gorgeous. High five all round family. So ladies and gents…please see our masterpiece….

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