Even bigger family today!

We went on a road trip today. Nothing exciting to most but to us it was ace!! We went to pick up nanny, aunty Hannah and cousin Tobiah…woohoo.

Managed to do a round trip to collect them at 10am and because little dude was sleeping like a trooper for one of the first times ever in his car seat, I did a quick turn around of chucking the family in and hitting the road back home. Theo HATES and I mean hates, like thinks his chair is the chair of doom hates, the car seat. No idea why, and I’m sure he will be a lot better once he’s forward facing but right now it’s just tough, safety first.

Got back at lunch time and it was feeding time at the zoo!! Thankfully I had a shopping delivery this morning before I left so we were fully stocked and ready to go 🤣. Yummy sandwiches for lunch today of fresh tiger loaf and various fillings to suit everyone.

The cousins got settled in to play, fight, play, fight….more fighting and playing and then it was feeding time at the zoo for second time. I feel a pattern over the next couple of days. We had donut burgers in bagels with grilled halloumi, salad and chips, a nice change from brioche rolls, definitely recommend this to try if you haven’t.

Had family movie night with popcorn for the littles and a bit of over excitement going to bed, I didn’t expect anything different though. How exciting having a change of the norm!!

Theo has decided he’s a night owl so we’ve just let him roam until he’s only now fallen asleep, this had better just be a glitch or I’m going to have a paddy.

Tomorrow we are going to attempt to make a caramac cheesecake with a recipe I’ve found from one of my favourite Instagram accounts – Jane’s patisserie. Go follow her if you don’t already, the last is a genius with her bakes and no bakes. Will show pictures of our attempt tomorrow. May make some cupcakes for the littles to decorate too, that way they may leave me alone to be arty farty with the cheesecake. What’s your favourite bake? Send me recipe’s, I’m always looking for inspiration.

The only photo I’ve taken today, nanny and Theo playing games, or rather Theo disturbing nanny’s game and losing all her lives.

5 thoughts on “Even bigger family today!”

  1. I am amazed you find the time to blog. I remember having five children under 8 and at the end of the day I could hardly string a sentence together. it was fun though .


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